About Energy Points

Energy Points provides source energy intelligence software that enables organizations to analyze, manage, and strategically de-risk their energy supply chains. It is the only company to quantify source energy—measuring energy use from its source through the site of consumption, while accounting for resource risk and environmental impact. With its source-to-site energy analytics senior management diagnose, flag, and address areas of high risk and spend, making information-driven decisions about their energy sources, including distributed energy alternatives.  Across the globe, Energy Points software is enabling enterprises to maximize their energy productivity and drive long-term business growth.

Our Mission

We live in a world of limited resources and increasing energy demands. Our goal is to help our customers succeed in a new business era in which energy decisions are a business imperative and energy productivity is a criterion for business success.

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More about Energy Points

Product & How It Works

Only Energy Points is able to trace energy from its source to the site of consumption, accounting for regional resource risk and the environmental externalities associated with its production and delivery.  Its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform quantifies source energy by mapping existing data for electricity, fuels, water, and materials to its database of geospatial points. The calculation of source energy is made more accurate by assessing the full Life Cycle impact, including analysis of the local water-energy nexus, and mitigating environmental externalities.  To make the information actionable sophisticated mathematical models convert the source energy data to a single integrated metric. With this one metric, enterprises can compare and analyze electricity, fuels, and water on an apples-to-apples basis, facilitating strategic resource decisions. The analytics can be viewed in the Energy Points portal or integrated with 3rd-party dashboards and services.

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Business Benefits

Energy Points’ energy and resource analytics provide source energy intelligence that is both accurate and actionable.  While many companies provide energy management software that tracks on-site consumption in facilities or buildings, Energy Points expands on that site energy data. Its customers get insight into their entire resource supply chain, enabling information-driven decisions about their energy sources, including distributed energy alternatives.

The integrated source-to-site analytics platform makes enterprise energy and resource data digestible with intuitive dashboards, filters, and reports.  Diagnosing energy productivity pain points in enterprise operations takes minutes, not months. Selecting projects with the greatest financial and energy returns is made easy as the platform calculates the cost, lifetime energy savings, payback period, and net present value (NPV) of addressing those pain points. Once projects are selected, EnergyPoints Analytics enables enterprises to track their project performance against financial goals, environmental goals, and industry benchmarks.

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